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Description of Islamic Quiz

"Islamic Quiz" is an interactive Quiz game designed to be utilized by all ages of people.



* True gaming experience

* Questions are provided with four choices.

* Rich animations for all quiz events

* Rich audio commentary for all quiz events.

* Optional settings for Quiz Audio

* Ads can be removed through In-App purchace

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What is your general knowledge about the Islam? Tested any time? Do you participate in quiz programs? Could you win? Try with "Islamic Quiz", Let us see your knowledge about Islamic subjects. Masha Allah. All the best.

If your intention is to study about the religion of Allah, then In-Sha-Allah playing this game lets you gain more and more virtues.! Think.., What a good entertainment is this... Masha Allah.

Since the goal of this App is to enable studying about the religion of Allah through entertainment, It is possible to pause the game at any position to find out the correct answer from any available sources of your wish.

Islamic Quiz contains Ten stages, once you complete all of the stages you will get the Cup. Continuously answering 3, 4 and 5 right answers will give you 1, 2 and 3 bonus points respectively and it will also increase 1 life. Answering 1, 2 and 3 wrong answers will decrease 1, 2 and 3 lives respectively. Entering a wrong answer will not quit you out from the game, rather it will decrease the lives and once the life becomes zero, the game will be over.

A stage contains only 10 questions, through out the game only 100 questions will be asked, rest of the questions are kept for shuffling. Each time you repeat the game, you will be asked with different questions, until you attend all of the available questions. The current version of the App contains about a thousand questions, up coming versions will include more and more questions, In Sha Allah.

Winning the Cup for a single time does not mean that you have attended all of the available questions, rather to attend all of the available questions it may be required to win the Cup multiple times.

If this App has missed any important questions of your wish, please don't hesitate to inform, Let us include more and more questions... In Sha Allah.

If you find any WRONG questions, choices, answers, spelling, grammar, etc.. Please utilize the App's "Report A Wrong Answer" feature to report it immediately, You are welcome.... May Allah Bless you.

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May Allah bless you, Aaameen.

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Kerala, India, 670306

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